Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cost of Marriage...Seriously!?!!

Now...let us ask ourselves a simple much does it really cost to get married? When your other half asks you..."Let's get married!", what is the first thought that comes into your mind? Could it be:

1. How long will I spend my time with my partner?
2. How many kids will I get?
3. How much must I spend for studio photos, restaurant, etc.?

I might not speak for all...but I guess the majority will think of point no. 3 much do you spend on snapping your wedding pictures? It's true that it will bring back memories of the beautiful poses/clothes that you and your partner have taken. (Not to mention under the hot sun if you decided to take some outdoor pictures). Reality check a bit, how much does the package cost? RM3,000? RM4,000 or it could go skyrocketing to more than RM10,000? Not to mention the rental of the gowns and the make up that you have to pay for the wedding dinner reception.

Talking about the wedding dinner reception, how much do you pay for the restaurant or for the hotel ballroom? All in all, if we combine all the costs (which there are some things that I did not mention here), does it not reach up to at least RM30,000 and above?

I often wonder, why splurge so much? You could have use it for a down payment to a house or a condo. That is more materialistic, don't you think?

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